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The Luminous Lagoon or Glistening Waters Print E-mail
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This attraction is a must see. If you enjoy(ed) Dunn's River, the Luminous Lagoon, also known as Glistening Waters is for you.

Located in the Parish of Trelawny, outside of Montego Bay, is the Martha Brae River. Where the river meets the sea and mixes into brackish water, is the Luminous Lagoon. This lagoon, surrounded by mangrove trees, is home to microscopic organisms that emit a phosphorescent light when the water is agitated.

The boats take you into the lagoon at dusk. As the water is disturbed, you'll see an eerie light illuminating the waters. Wave your hands in the water to make the water glow in the dark and when fishes swim by you will see streaks of light. The tour operator will give you a chance to swim in the water. Do not pass up this opportunity.

There are only four places in the world that have this phenomenon. Apparently Jamaica's is the brightest and one of the ones that emit the light year round. This experience will be next to none.

1 - 2 persons:
US$75.00 / Child: $70.00 (inclusive of entrance fees when required)

3 or more persons:
US$65.00 / Child: $60.00 (inclusive of entrance fees when required) 


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Availability: Daily for Cruise Ship Passengers & Hotel Guest
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